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ETHER*MEDIA brings popular digital media content worldwide. ETHER*MEDIA is a treasure trove of digital goodies. You can browse and buy popular Comics, Magazines, Articles, Movies, Videos, Books etc., from all over the world. We believe that if you buy once whether on your phone, tablet or pc, you should be able to enjoy the content online or offline where ever you are. 

If you are a publisher, licensor or content owner, you can signup at ETHER*MEDIA and start selling your content worldwide today! You can upload and manage your content online, sell to customers from various countries all over the world and view your sales every day across various markets worldwide. As a popular content destination, ETHER*MEDIA enables you new revenue stream from customers who enjoy other similar content such as yours.

Besides selling on ETHER*MEDIA, we can build your custom store app in your brand using ETHER*MEDIA platform, so you can actively market all your content to all markets worldwide without worrying a thing about technology.Our patent pending ETHER*MEDIA platform is socially integrated enabling people to share snippets of their content with their friends making your content even more popular. By using ETHER*MEDIA platform you get to relax and make wonderful content while we take care of maintaining and modernizing the platform across global markets making sure everyone can buy and enjoy your content.

Initially we support Apple's IOS devices. In a few months we expect to support Android and other mobile devices as well. At this time, you can buy each content you like from the Appstore as an individual app. Soon we expect our next generation ETHER*MEDIA app to be released where you can buy and manage your media library in your phone or tablet or web and store it in our clouds for free!

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